Accommodation Guide

For lodging reservations, please call us by phone (+81 090-3291-1579) or use our online reservation form. You cannot stay at Dainichi-goya without a reservation.

If you make a reservation using the online reservation form

Online reservations are simpler and more convenient than phone reservations, which can be inconvenient due to weak phoneline connections in the mountains. You also don’t have to write in the hotel register, which is a bit of a bother when checking in.

2023 Dainichi-goya Price List Amended 12/2022

2023 Dainichi-goya Price List 07-082023 Dainichi-goya Price List 09-10
Blue Accommodation Fee (Without Meals) 8,000 yen (With 2 Meals – 12,000 yen)
Green Accommodation Fee (Without Meals) 9,000 yen (With 2 Meals – 13,000 yen)
Orange Accommodation Fee (Without Meals) 10,000 yen (With 2 Meals – 14,000 yen)

Online Reservations

If you cancel a reservation made through the reservation form, the refund amount depends on when you cancel.

Cancelling from 12:00PM 3 days before, to 7:00AM the day you are scheduled to arrive.  90% refund
Cancelling before 3 days   95% refund

For phone reservations we accept bank transfers of the reservation fee (3,000 yen per person) to the following account. Your reservation will be secured after we confirm your transfer. Please note that cancellations will not be refunded, except in cases where we close temporarily due to hut circumstances.

Rakuten Bank Dansu Branch 
Branch Number: 208 
Ordinary Deposit Savings 1971121

Telephone reservation : +81 090-3291-1579

*Please also use the above number for changes to accommodation date and guest numbers.

  • Dinner 2,800 yen
  • Breakfast 1,200 yen
  • Lunch Box 1,100 yen